Research & Development

Creation of the Robertson Model of Behavior

Patients that needed to change their lifestyles to a healthier way of living (whether due to drug use, weight issues, or cardiac) is very difficult or almost non-existent. This created the initial Robertson Brain Health philosophy and the search for the answer to “why do I do what I don’t want to do”?

Individuals who were involved in compulsive or addictive behaviors were observed to determine what is it was that kept them doing negative behaviors. The goal was to find out what people will do versus what they should do. At that point, the idea began that each of us has a physiological reward center that drive us independent of our ethics and/or desires.

With this foundation over the course of 10 years; the Robertson Model of Behavior was developed. Its foundational principle stated that each of us have a physiological reward center – automatic behaviors that are done after the “Pavlovian” bell rings. Perhaps there was a way to create an assessment that could correlate peripheral and central symptoms of “out of balance” brain chemicals to determine a person’s optimal brain chemistry. Enormous research, development, and outcome studies were conducted to determine if the physiological assessment could correlate the “prescribing” of exercise, foods, nutrition, music, lifestyle to enhance a person’s brain chemistry. This effort ended up creating the Brain Chemistry Optimization Program and Performance Enhancement Program.


Robertson Brain Health started its journey as a health care advocate to mental and medical healthcare professionals. Used within Robertson’s clinics and via Robertson Brain Health authorized clinicians the BCOP was directed at the adult who is seeking to learn how their brain chemistry affects their behavior, attitudes and thought patterns and how to effect lasting change. The BCOP depicted individual brain reward centers and natural tendencies, indicates probable brain chemical imbalances and recommends specific diet and exercise plans tailored for the individual.


With more than 15,000 individuals in its clinical work, the PEP was born recognizing the impact of stress and compulsivity on an individual’s performance – simply answering the question if we can make an unhealthy brain healthy…“why can’t we make a healthy brain perform better”?


Advancements in technology and by customer demand – Robertson Brain Health created the modularized BHOP platform to advance the program customization and delivery. BHOP is rooted in the success of BCOP and PEP but drove the technology into the use of Predictive, Precision Based Medicine using Artificial Intelligence. Leveraging this proprietary technology; precision tailoring for individuals as well as corporations has moved Robertson Brain Health multiple facets of the health and wellness industry.