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Performance Enhancement Program (PEP)

Upon completing an online survey, the unique Robertson Brain Health artificial intelligence engine kicks in by counting, weighing, correlating and categorizing your self-reported history, life style and physiological symptoms to generate the only precisely tailored performance program of its kind.  Your personal Robertson Specialist will coach you through your one size fits one strategic plan to optimize your brain.


You and your group will attend workshops to learn about the scientific foundations of the Robertson Model of Behavior and Unlocking the Power of Your Brain. Your knowledge of precision health and wellness will equip you with a new lens on the fundamental requirements for you to perform at your peak day in and day out.

Food & Nutrition Plan

Your food plan, including serving sizes, protein types and food guidelines, will be chosen for you out of 1,152 diets because of your specific body type, brain chemical symptoms, BMI, activity level, personal and family history, and physical characteristics. Healthy food and nutrition are NOT always healthy for your brain but food and nutrition that are healthy for your brain ARE always healthy.

Activity Plan

Your activity plan will include intensity and timing of activity chosen for you out of 144 activity plans in order to prevent brain chemicals from getting out of balance, promote a healthy weight, and minimize your potential health risks.

How you stack up

Robertson Brain Health has worked with over 15,000 individuals and will compare you to our database as you progress throughout the programs. Robertson Brain Health conducts statistical analysis of you and your team to assimilate potential for continued growth in performance and synergy as a team. Plus, you may even find out how you stack up against the world’s elite top performing executives and professional athletes.


At Robertson Brain Health our primary core value is outcomes and results. We believe in the core value of providing a service that is measurable and results oriented. 

Studies of our programs show an improvement in the participants’ performance in their job ranging from 85% to 92% with 66% to 80% improvement in health, performance and relationship related inhibitors.

Testimonials & Client List

We believe in intentional trust. We work with a variety of people and organizations; however, all are alike in that we are entrusted with their health, performance and relationship data. We hold this relationship in high regard and do everything to protect the trust whether it impacts sales & marketing or not. We do have a client list that includes a partial list of clients that can be made available upon request. We also have previous and existing clients that have agreed to speak to potential clients about their results and experience partnering with Robertson Brain Health. However, these are only made available upon request and granted only to prospective clients.

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